You could, if you are an existing foster carer, transfer to Able.

We are always seeking safe caring alternative foster families to join our organisation.

If you are an existing foster carer with either a Local Authority or another agency and you are not happy with the provider you are approved with or you fancy a change you can always transfer agencies.

Being a foster carer is like any other role and if you choose to change your employer there are national protocols in place to support this transfer.

Transfer does not mean any child in placement will be moved the child placed will also transfer to the new agency.

The Fostering Network transfer protocols would see your status, as a foster carer with your current agency terminated and you would, following assessment, become approved with Able Fostering Agency.

We believe that all existing foster carers need to be aware of the fact they can transfer providers however at Able we do not actively attempt to recruit foster carers from other agencies and would never undermine other agencies or placements. It is important that foster carers are aware a that transfer is always an option if you are not happy with your provider. Always remember it is your choice who you choose to register with and work for and if you would like any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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